The Falls Community

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  1. When is the next homeowner's meeting?

    April 18th, 2015 @11 am at the Reformed Church of Bushkill on

    Route 209/Milford Road.


  2. Are parking stickers mandatory?

    Yes, parking stickers are mandatory.  They help us identify you as being a part of The Falls Community.  ALL vehicles should have a "Falls" parking sticker, whether you are a part time or full time homeowner.  The stickers have helped us deter many non-residents from illegally dumping in our dumpsters.  The stickers are free of charge but there is a $50.00 fine for vehicles that are not registered with our office and without a parking sticker. You can find the request form under documents, "homeowner forms".  It does not have to be replaced every year, if it is still in good shape!

    Your stickers should look like this 

  3. Can I extend my deck?

    Yes but the board asks that you submit a simple drawing to be reviewed of what you are doing as well as asking your surrounding neighbors if they are okay with it. (This is out of courtesy) Once it's approved, either you or your contractor will need to apply for permits from Lehman Township. 588-9365

  4. Do we have a procedure in place for complaints?

    Yes, we have what is called a Homeowner's Resolution Committee. The procedure for this is that you call The Falls Office, leave your name and number, and a brief description of your complaint, if you like. Our property manager, Kat, will relay the message to the Head of the Committee, Jay Ross. He will then get back to you to schedule a day and time that is convenient for you to meet, one on one, at our office on Winona Falls Road.

  5. Can I have a yard sale?

    Yes you may! You will find the form and requirements under documents, homeowner forms. There will be a cash deposit of $20.00, per unit, which is refundable once the area is inspected and any signs that were put up are taken down. Call the office for details....

  6. When does the plowing or shoveling start during a snow storm?

    No snow will be plowed unless at least 3 inches are on the ground. It is a goal but not a requirement that plowing will start two hours after the snow level has reached 3 inches. The initiation of snow plowing can only be given by the Falls’ property manager or a member of the Falls Board of Directors.

  7. Why are there salt cans throughout the community?

    Salt cans will be strategically placed in the early fall-in and about the community. The salt is available for use by all of the residents to apply to their local walkways as needed. It should be noted the salt cans are NOT A GARBAGE RECEPTACLE!

  8. What should I do if I lose power?

    Residents must plan ahead and make sure they have adequate food and fresh water during the storm event. It should also be noted that the sewage system in the community will not be working during a power outage at anytime, therfore do NOT use your water or flush your toilets, etc. if there is a power outage.

  9. Will my parking space be plowed?

    Both the roads and parking lots will be plowed. Residents must be available to move their cars if they want their parking area plowed out. The plow will not make a special trip back if a vehicle was not moved at the time the plow was available.

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