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How to Winterize Your Townhouse

Posted on December 14, 2011 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (0)

If you will not be visiting your unit in the winter months, here are some helpful tips on how to winterize your unit:

1. Shut the breaker for hot water heater

2. Shut off main water supply valve

3. Turn on every faucet in the house (including the shower)

4. If you are shutting the heat off in house, flush the toilets as well

but you may want to leave the heat at around 50 just in case there is

any water remaining in the pipes; and so the house doesn't get musty or moldy, then finally...

5. Drain the hot water heater

Hurricane Irene

Posted on September 1, 2011 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend... I heard there are still some people without power... as for The Falls, we were very lucky and made it through Hurricane Irene with only minimal damage from the winds and a power outage that lasted approximately 24 hours. When I was able to make it into the office last Tuesday, I received some messages from residents of The Falls Community that we did nothing to help or warn people regarding the hurricane. Concerned for our community and the impression of your Board of Directors, we would like to know what was expected from us, the office staff, the board of directors? As everyone in the North East region, our hands were tied at the mercy of Irene and local news reports provided warnings and recommendations for residents of NJ, NY and PA.


I made several calls to local hardware stores in an effort to secure a generator but every store on the East Coast was sold out. Unfortunately, the aftermath of the storm left many roads impassable and stranded many of us from leaving our homes for several days. Additionally, with power and phones lines down throughout the area it was next to impossible to reach out to anyone in an effort to determine how everyone fared through the storm.


The board is concerned that many of the residents of The Falls feels that we did nothing to help anyone so I have taken some time to research some options in the event that another storm or winter presents an imminent danger. I hope that this information helps provide another layer of support and allows each of you to better prepare for such situations. Myself and the board of directors genuinely cares what everyone thinks and wants to ensure each and every resident that we are all here to help one another. Please take time to get to know your neighbors and help one another as this will also help each other look out for one another and provide yet another layer of support.

If anyone needs further assistance, please call the office and let me know so that we can take the necessary actions or discuss options at our next board meeting.


Here are the websites I located to help prepare you for future outages, etc. click on preparing & getting trained, scroll down to preparedness fast facts

You will find a Home Emergency KIt Check List on ready.PA , which is very helpful.  As well as an Emergency Plan Form to fill out for Older Pennsylvanians and people with disabilities.